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  1. 101 Starter Introduction Series  

    1. Welcome to Jetpack 101 Series
    2. 101 Tabs and Subtabs Introduction
    3. 101 - Name drop down Introduction
    4. 101 - Dashboard
    5. 101 Jobs Tab jobs list overview
  2. 6 Steps of Setup  

    1. 1. Setting up your account: Step one Uploading your clients
    2. 2. Setting up your account: Tagging your clients
    3. 3. Setting up your account: Adding your team
    4. 4. Setting up your account: Create templates
    5. 5. Setting up your account: Creating job
  3. QB Desktop 

    1. How to integrate with QB Desktop
  4. Quickbooks Online 

    1. How to connect to Quickbooks Online
    2. How to sync a client from Quickbooks online to Jetpack
    3. How to pull an error report for quickbooks online sync
    4. How to export time from jetpack to quickbooks online
    5. Mass update or duplicating a service line item from quickbooks
  5. Setting up Jetpack Workflow 

    1. How to edit a Template
    2. How to export a .csv file from quickbooks
    3. How to mass update, edit or delete jobs
    4. How to Add a Task (aka "Quick Add") Job
    5. How to add or create a template
  6. Working Inside Jetpack Workflow 

    1. How to Retrieve or unarchive an Archived Job
    2. How to setup or add Custom Labels
    3. Review Options in Jetpack || Reviewing Tasks & How to review and archive a job
    4. What is the difference between tags and labels
    5. What is the difference between a task and job
  7. Dashboard 

    1. Dashboard Overview
    2. How to review a job from the dashboard
    3. How to see budget time on the dashboard
    4. How to Update Labels in the Dashboard
    5. How to view all team members on dashboard
  8. Jobs Tab 

    1. View options in Job Tab (how to use search, filter, and sort options)
    2. How to edit a job
    3. How to mass update or delete jobs
    4. How to add budget time or allocated time
    5. How to use custom labels to track due date extensions
  9. Task Tab 

    1. How to use the task search bar
    2. How to Export a Tasks List
    3. How to Create Sub Tasks
    4. How to Edit a Task in the Task Tab
    5. How to Review and Sort the Tasks List
  10. Client/Contacts 

    1. How to delete a client or contact
    2. How to setup or assign a template to a client
    3. How to export a Client List
    4. How to Create Email Templates
    5. How to Import Custom Fields when Mass Importing Clients
  11. Staff Tab 

    1. How to introduce your team to Jetpack Workflow
    2. How to update Staff views and permissions
    3. How to delete a staff member
    4. How to add a staff member
    5. How to Tag a Team Member in Notes
  12. Calendar & Misc 

    1. How to setup a CRM system within Jetpack
    2. How to delete a job or task from the calendar
    3. How to filter jobs , task, and team in calendar
    4. How to update a date of a job or task on the calendar
    5. How to assign team or staff colors on the calendar
  13. All articles 

    1. Importing Clients and Contacts
    2. How to edit or delete a client file
    3. Dashboard Overview
    4. View options in Job Tab (how to use search, filter, and sort options)
    5. I can't watch or stream youtube videos

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